Doug Ward Integration


Miking a choir with condensers seems expensive.
Solution: Audix Micros® Series Condensers
These affordable mics are unique because they feature a fully integrated circuit
(including pre amp) all in a two-inch long body, making it the most powerful small
microphone on the market. They pack a punch−only one microphone is needed to
cover up to 20 singers.

Choir placement and size varies from week to week.
Solution: Audix MicroBoom
Today’s worship environments accommodate an array of congregations and
configurations. Where the choir is one week may be where the band is the next. In
some cases, the size of a choir may go from 20 people to a holiday production of 80.
The MicroBoom system is portable, easy to move, and easy to store. Plus it is uniquely
discreet in appearance, virtually becoming invisible within the sight lines.


Hanging mics from the ceiling is a huge hassle. How do you get mics high enough
to cover all the singers in the choir?
Solution: Audix MicroBoom-50 or MicroBoom-84
For complete coverage of a choir, the mics are positioned 2 feet in front of the first
row of singers, extending 2 feet higher than the tallest person in the back row. With a
standard three row choir riser of 2 feet, the mic will typically need to be 10 feet in the
air. The MicroBoom-50 (50" carbon fiber boom) attached to a standard mic stand will
extend to over 10 feet. The MicroBoom-84 (84" carbon fiber boom) attached to a
standard mic stand will extend to over 11 feet and will cover up to four rows of choir.
Unlike hanging microphones, the clutch assembly and integrated gooseneck mount
grants precise fine-tuning of the mic positions.
The choir is positioned near loud band instruments(s) such as a drum set and/or lead
guitar amp, and they are bleeding into the choir mix.
Solution: Audix MicroBoom with a hypercardiod capsule
Dramatically improve isolation and increase gain by using a tighter pattern,
positioning the mics a little closer to the choir, and bringing the singers closer
together. The Audix Micros® Series can be ordered with cardioid, hypercardioid,
and supercardioid patterns.
Audix MicroBoom™ System
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