Doug Ward Integration

energy management

The economy has forced most - if not all - U.S. companies to seek ways to reduce non-essential and otherwise variable costs. A new opportunity has emerged in recent years with the advent of affordable lightweight energy management systems that can be controlled on-site or remotely - particularly those designed specifically for previously underserved small to medium sized commercial facilities like restaurants, convenience stores, retail shops and bank branch offices.

Today's dashboard touch panel-controlled "smart" energy management systems enable business users to easily view and reduce their resource consumption in real time with the mere touch of a button, resulting in utility bill savings upwards of 20 percent or more per month. Combined with "Green" incentives sponsored by the government incorporating these types of technologies the return on investment time is dramatically reduced. Such advancements have generated enormous marketplace demand among small and medium sized businesses seeking proven, cost-effective ways to "go green" and in doing so, their boost bottom lines.