Doug Ward Integration


Experience new levels of comfort, control and security made possible by the best available home automation systems designed and installed by DWI. Imagine a home that knows who you are, what you like, and how you feel. This probably sounds ridiculous but with a little input from you, this can be a reality. Fully integrated systems seamlessly control a wide range of subsystems that include security, audio and video, data, climate, window coverings, lighting, and mechanical from the touch of a button or scheduled event. Not only can these be controlled from within the home but every feature can also be initiated from a remote location via the internet, your cell phone, or even your IPhone.

This level of client commitment and systems expertise allows DWI to stand apart as a premier integrator of home automation systems and solutions throughout the southeast. If you would like to see a system in action, call and let us show you how to live Life. Automated.