Doug Ward Integration

Comfort Control

Comfort Control allows you to create the perfect mood for any occasion by setting lighting scenes, window treatments and climate. An integrated lighting control system is an essential element of a complete home automation experience. The days of five, six or seven switches on one wall are gone. You can now operate all of those lights as well as other devices using a single wall-mounted keypad.

Effortlessly Control Your Lighting Environment

You can turn on, off or dim all or any of the lights in your home from any room with a single touch. DWI can design, install and program a comprehensive lighting control system for your home's interior and exterior areas, including landscape, pool, driveway and walkway areas.

You can control the lights in two ways: from a touch button Decora-style wall switch, or from any of the touch panels installed in your home, which are also used for whole house audio/video control. DWI will work directly with your architect and electrician to review pre-planning, wiring, terminations and functionality. These systems are available for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Create Multiple Moods from a Single Lighting Control

The primary reason homeowners opt for a lighting control system is for convenience. However, once they learn what they can do with a lighting control system, they begin to identify other benefits, such as the ability to set varying program modes. These modes are often utilized to create specific lighting configurations for varied situations such as romantic, party, vacation, evening security, etc.

Effortlessly Control Your Home's Natural Lighting

Natural lighting, and the way in which you are able to control it, significantly enhances your at-home living experience. DWI can program window shades in your home to open or close on a predetermined schedule, or upon contact or lack of contact with sunlight. Shade and drapery control systems can be integrated with other home automation technologies including HVAC, lighting and security. Weekday, weekend and vacation modes can be programmed to provide maximum benefit while adjusting to changes in your schedule and simplifying your daily routine.

Some of the benefits of a shades/drapery control system include:
" Protection of furnishings and d├ęcor from harmful UV rays
" Enhanced security and indoor privacy
" Prevention of unwanted glare and washed-out video images
" Reduction of heat gain on warm sunny days

Shades/drapery control systems are especially helpful in conserving costs related to heating, cooling and electricity. DWI can design an energy-efficient system programmed to help keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer, as well as by controlling sunlight and providing you with enhanced security and indoor privacy.