Doug Ward Integration


There is no better place to watch a movie than in a movie theater, especially when the theater is right in your own home. A Doug Ward Integration designed and installed home theater delivers resonating sound, brilliant visuals and a true-to-life cinematic experience. Our home theater systems are also easy to use. Our commitment to simplicity enables us to create user-friendly interfaces that create a custom control system designed to accommodate your personal viewing preferences. With a single the touch of a button, the system powers on, the room lights dim, the window shades close, and the movie begins. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the show.

Imagine the look in your guests' faces as a single button press closes the drapes, dims the lights dim automatically, and a screen drops from your ceiling while the rich, thundering tones of true digital surround sound embrace them from speakers hidden in the walls as they sit comfortably in their theater chairs.

Contrary to popular belief a professionally designed Home Theater does not have to be expensive or complex; and it is a common misconception that you must have a dedicated room to enjoy home theater; this is not so. The truth is that most home theaters are really more like 'living room theaters'; meaning the room first has to be livable and aesthetically pleasing.

While you can definitely achieve better audio and video in a room dedicated for home theater, most of our customers are surprised at just how good their surround sound setup performs in a 'non-perfect' room. Just follow these basic guidelines knowing that even if you stray slightly from the "ideal" situation you should still achieve performance that rivals your neighborhood theater:If you can't get enough of the movie theater experience, then a dedicated home theater is just for you. These private movie theaters combine ultra crisp projectors, high-end surround sound systems, complete room control, and acoustical wall treatments.