Doug Ward Integration


How would your congregation describe the worship service? Is it engaging and moving?

Does your facility provide an environment that encourages worship?

Do you feel that your congregation retains your message?

Lets face it. The way we worship today has changed. While just a few years ago media was a medium quality sound system and a still slide projector, today's multimedia systems deliver the dynamic, effective communications with your audience that enhances the worship experience, and impacts lives.

At Doug Ward Integration, we address the unique and complex media challenges that you and your staff face, on a daily basis. We work closely with our manufactures, engineers, and reps to make sure that the products and services that we offer allow you to manage, monitor, and secure all of the technology components of your campus in the most reliable and efficient manner.

In addition to engineering and installing your systems, we can provide comprehensive training for your staff, and provide support as needed. Our goal is not to sell you something you do not need but to be a resource that can help you make decisions and strategically implement technology as you need it.